Why Telemedicine?

Click on the links below to read selected white papers on the benefits for implementation of Telehealth services and technology.

TeleICU White Paper

Round and Respond

For many hospitals, Telehealth may be an alternative to increasing the number of intensivists, allowing one intensivist to cover multiple locations and be more readily available “on call.” A growing body of literature supports the use of this technology to improve the efficiency of delivering critical care.

First developed by UCLA, the Round & Respond model was so named by Dignity Health Telehealth Network in California, for affording Telehealth physicians the ability to do traditional rounding on patients in the ICU, while also being available for emergency response.

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FDA & Telehealth White Paper

FDA Regulation of Mobile Health Technologies

Mobile health and telemedicine products have for many years been regulated as medical devices by the FDA. More recently, the FDA has begun developing a regulatory framework specific to mobile health and telemedicine technologies. Through this work, the FDA has clarified—and expanded—how these technologies are regulated. This white paper summarises the current FDA framework for mobile health and telemedicine products and how it applies to InTouch Health’s Telemedicine Solution.

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Telehealth Financial Benefits White Paper

The Financial Benefits of Acute Care Telemedicine

Telemedicine is rapidly gaining momentum in large part because of the dramatic, quantifiable financial benefits of acute care applications… By providing specialist access (both scheduled and unscheduled) in the emergency and acute setting, Telemedicine quickly connects the patient with the right specialist to improve outcomes while lowering costs.

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Telehealth Innovation White Paper

Innovation in Telemedicine Technology

The pathway for entrepreneurs to innovate successfully is to find appropriately sized healthcare workflow challenges that can benefit from telemedicine solutions, and then work to gain adoption from healthcare providers. With adoption, the entrepreneur can continue to build on that success and expand the vision and market opportunity.

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