After being exposed and seeing low-quality health care being delivered to the African population, eHealth Group was founded in 2013 with the goal to improve delivery of quality care for patients throughout Africa. eHealth Group’s main areas of focus is the implementation and deployment of state of the art robotic Telehealth solutions, medical/surgical training, and other innovative solutions to improve health care delivery. Our medium-term vision is to provide South African hospitals with a cloud based Telehealth network solution, which connects specialist physicians to hospitals in rural areas and metropolitan medical facilities that lack such rare services. eHealth Group’s long term vision is to create a Pan African Telehealth network and improve the delivery of high acuity and primary health care to the entire African population.

The founder and visionary of eHealthGroup, Mr. Elliot Sack envisions affordable and quality healthcare provided throughout Sub- Saharan Africa through digital health and virtual care services.