eHealthGroup’s global leading Telehealth solutions will benefit and bring value to the entire African health care sector by:

  • Optimizing access to specialized physician services
  • Better clinical outcomes
  • Reduction of waiting time for specialized healthcare services
  • Cost containment of travelling and transport expenses
  • 24/7 ICU Management
  • Reduction in bed blocking
  • Creation of Centres of Excellences
  • Improved bed management in referral patterns between hospitals
  • Reduction of Medical legal risk
  • Better clinical workflows
  • Reduction in length of stay & improved management of bed availability
  • Reduction in stroke & infant mortality rates
  • Improved and accurate acute assessments on transfer
  • Increasing medical staffing to newly built facilities remotely
  • Leveraging of rare specialist physician assets across hospital networks and geographies
  • Enabling of out-of-network referral relationships
  • Reduction in ICU bed days
  • Reduction in unnecessary transfers & improved decisions in emergency transfers
  • Enables increased specialist outreach into rural hospital locations
  • Reduces unnecessary driving time for specialists ‘on call panel’
  • Increases the number of specialist consults per day
  • Improve quality of life & safety for specialists under enormous time pressure
  • Reduces patient rehabilitation expenses (i.e. Stroke patients) & patient lifetime care costs
  • Improves multi-disciplinary clinical utilization in the ED & ICU
  • Improves knowledge transfer, tele-education, and tele-proctoring and tele-mentoring capabilities.

The team and Mr Elliot Sack at eHealthGroup stand value the values of equitable healthcare provision for all patients no matter their demographic, class or status.

Mr Elliot Sack at eHealthGroup stand value the values of equitable healthcare provision