Telestroke, also called telestroke services, is an approach to treating vascular strokes that allows a neurologist to provide remote treatment for a stroke victim. A telestroke service, which is a sub-category of telemedicine, is often used for medical consultations in rural areas. eHealthGroup provides the number one Acute Telehealth & Telestroke solution and technology globally. Stroke victims, hospital networks, an insurance providers will benefit from both clinical and financial outcomes in the following ways:

  • Improved triage process allowing patients to be treated at originating hospital
  • Reduction in mortalities
  • Interventional therapies for higher percentages of transferred patients
  • Greater access to specialists leading to increased patient census for member hospitals and improved patient satisfaction
  • Increased % of stroke patients will receive IV t-PA
  • Average door to needle time reductions
  • Neuroscience service revenues will increase drastically