Global Leading Telehealth Network

InTouch Health has managed over 1,000,000 physician-to-patient Telehealth consultations with 14,000 providers in over 130 health systems, including many of the most recognised systems in the nation. We have the experience it takes to make each new partnership a success. InTouch supports more than 30 different Telehealth service lines from acute to post-acute care, including globally successful Telehealth services for stroke and ICU. InTouch has invested over $100M into a cloud infrastructure, so you don’t have to. Our established, reliable and scalable global telehealth platform includes 7 U.S.-hosted data centres covering the Americas, and 3 additional locations in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

SureCONNECT® is a cloud-based infrastructure designed to assure the reliability of remote connections across any acute care telemedicine network. This cloud-based infrastructure and technologies enable the highest levels of connectivity and network performance.

SureCONNECT® Features:

  • Connection Wizard – A step-by-step software wizard that assists a remote user to successfully establish a connection to an RP device endpoint
  • Connection Optimizer – Real-time software to optimize video frame rate and resolution over highly variable networks
  • Dynamic Bandwidth Management – Detects low bandwidth conditions and dynamically adjusts software to maintain optimal and uninterrupted connections
  • Firewall Traversal Technology – Easily traverses virtually all firewalls and eliminates the need for specialized hardware investments
  • Data Security – HIPAA Compliant and industry standards-based data security and management features

Mr Elliot Sack and his team at eHealthGroup have built a solid foundation and network in various industries to propel this digital health company into the future. Like the network doctors rely on to provide lifesaving medical advice or even a simple consult to a nurse in clinic, eHealthGroup’s Network is a Network that you can rely on!

Elliot Sack and his team at eHealthGroup have built a solid foundation and network in various industries