Remote surgery also known as telesurgery is the ability for a doctor to perform surgery on a patient even though they are not physically in the same location. In modern medicine and surgery, our SureConnect Telehealth network combined with the Vantage Telehealth robot has achieved impressive feats of long-distance mentoring, proctoring, consultation, and remote procedures. Feasibility has been shown in robotic surgery and providing consultation between continents, between ship and land, and between air and land. As minimally invasive surgical techniques rapidly grow, trainee work hours shorten, and demand for quality patient care heightens, a greater role for telesurgery, Teleproctoring, and Telementoring will come to the forefront. Global collaboration through our SureConnect platform and remote presence solutions will enable:

  • Development of clinical services
  • Knowledge transfer and best practices
  • KOL exchange programs
  • JCI Accreditation
  • Remote expert consults
  • 2nd opinion and referrals