Tele-Emergency is the urgent care component of telehealth, a term used to describe services consisting of diagnosis, treatment, assessment, monitoring, communications, and education of medical conditions via our global leading robotic telehealth solutions. eHealthGroup has formed a strategic partnership with ER Group/Consulting to provide world class emergency care to hospital networks around the globe. ER Group is the largest emergency medical firm in Africa with over 70+ full time and 150+ part time emergency physicians managing 21 private EDs in the four major hospital groups in South Africa. eHealthGroup in collaboration with ER Group can provide global leading Tele-Emergency services that will enhance quality of care while financially impacting health care providers by the following:

  • 24/7 Emergency specialist coverage in the ED/Trauma
  • Reduction in mortalities
  • Reduction in unnecessary admissions
  • Reduction in unnecessary transfer and patient travel times
  • Improved clinical and financial outcomes
  • Junior physician and nurse training & supervision
  • Gained ICU/Med Surg. days with average LOS reductions
  • Supports new service lines in the hospitals