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eHealth Group offers technology-enabled services to healthcare providers that are interested in using Telehealth to expand access to care anytime, anywhere. Our Telehealth solutions have been used at over 1,500 locations in 30+ countries, quickly connecting the patient with the right specialist to improve outcomes and lower costs.

Elliot Sack can provide health systems, corporates, public sector and clinics

Matching Technology with Clinical Applications is Vital to Success

Technology advances in the web, mobile and network capabilities have changed consumer expectations of what is possible and desirable, and are contributing to the disruption in healthcare delivery. Telehealth program development depends on much more than technology to be successful, but the right selection of technology to match your clinical goals can enable the focus to move where it belongs: developing a robust clinical program.

Acute Care

Making high-stakes, critical decisions under urgent conditions places demands on technology to work flawlessly, every time, with excellent visual and auditory control even amidst noise and action. The physician needs ready access to patient information, via computer or mobile device. When active patient monitoring is required to take immediate clinical action, FDA clearance is advised.

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Post Acute Care

By improving care continuity and coordination between primary and acute care providers and those who support the patient’s recovery, Telehealth can improve outcomes and reduce readmissions. For health systems and ACO’s managing bundled payments, Telehealth is a powerful tool. The challenge: this often requires connections outside of a health system structure with the need to navigate different IT and medical record structures to deliver effective care — either on demand or on a schedule.

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Elliot Sack providing customised telehealth and population health solutions

Community-Based Care

With Telehealth, health system providers have direct access into the community to support the ongoing health needs of patients/consumers. Technology must deliver high reliability over cellular broadband to consumer devices, gather patient data from numerous health applications, and document the care delivered in a patient’s health record.

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The eHealthGroup Team guided by Mr. Elliot Sack can provide health systems, corporates,  public sector, and clinics with a range of customised telehealth and population health solutions that will save money, improve clinical outcomes, and reduce the burden on constrained resource and budgets.