Provider & Patient Access
Simple User Experience

A successful Telehealth program depends on clinician adoption and use. We have designed our Provider Access Software so that the user experience is as simple and intuitive as possible. Clinicians want to make and keep a connection the first time. We optimize the video quality by dynamically adjusting bandwidth. With single sign-on capability we make it easy to access audiovisual communication, patient data, and medical imaging. Our built-in collaboration tools allow access to multiple providers and staff to coordinate care in real time.

InTouch Health led the development of software to support the delivery of real-time consults. Our software can be delivered on a consumer PC or iPad® to connect with patients in any non-acute setting, including the home. It is also integrated into our best-in-class, FDA-cleared devices to support active patient monitoring when needed to take immediate clinical action.

Elliot Sack for eHealthGroup Mobile Application

eHealthGroup’s Director, Mr. Elliot Sack and his global leading partners based in the United States, Europe and the UAE are constantly developing on their mobile application to provider direct access to world class doctors 24/7.