Physician Service Organizations

Through the utilisation of a Physician Service Organization, hospitals and governments can transform rural healthcare by using cost-effective telemedicine solutions to deliver high-acuity medical care. Whether your facility needs hospitalist services, ICU solutions, ER consults, or access to specialists, eHealthGroup in collaboration with our strategic partners can provide solutions that can increase both the standard of care and overall profitability.

By teaming your eHealthGroup, we can provide highly skilled and world renown medical staff with experienced specialists via telemedicine. We can empower your hospital to provide high-acuity medical services to the community. 24/7 access to the experts in the eHealth Group physician service orginaztion team can give your medical and nursing staff the support they need to safely treat critically-ill patients onsite, instead of transferring them to an urban centre. Extending high-acuity medical services to rural facilities benefits patients by keeping them close to their families, and enables your hospital to provide necessary and profitable services to the local community.

In collaboration with our strategic partners, eHealthGroup can offers programs to assist you in delivering acute stroke intervention, adult and pediatric critical care, infectious disease management, and a wide variety of specialty medical services to meet your clinical requirements to scale.

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