eHealthGroup is an innovative and premier technology & health care services provider based in South Africa. eHealthGroup offers programmatic services to enable 24/7 physician specialist call panels, and implementations of our turnkey Intouch Health telehealth solutions. eHealthGroup works with the top health systems in Africa, to connect specialist physicians, emergency medical services, and medical training.

According to Deloitte’s 2016 global health care outlook:

EHRs, EMRs, Telehealth, mHealth & wireless health $60.8B in 2013
Expected to increase to $233.3B by 2020
Telemedicine is the fastest growing segment 315% in 2013-2014
Digital health venture funding exceeded $4B in 2014

Telehealth Market Leaders

eHealthGroup is the exclusive distributor for InTouch Health in South Africa. InTouch Health is a leading Telehealth solutions provider that have developed a cloud based global server infrastructure which guarantees an internet connectivity uptime of 99.2% combined with the world’s only FDA cleared Class II(a) robotic Telehealth solutions. InTouch allows health systems to grow their clinical services without investing in infrastructure. The InTouch Telehealth Network connects health care providers from anywhere, supporting more than 1,600 clinical sites with over 20k encounters every month in more than 160 health systems. Mr Elliot Sack and his team can work consultatively with health systems, government, insurance groups, and providers to deliver on their goals for population management and telehealth offerings.