CSI & Enterprise Development

eHealthGroup stands strong in the belief of equality and fair opportunity for all. We have a deep-rooted value system based around genuine empowerment and overall improvement of previously disadvantaged communities and individuals. We will imprint this value system into the entire organization from senior management to the entire staff. eHealthGroup is constantly seeking high impact and innovative ways to be involved in projects that will benefit the greater African people and health care sector. We are currently working with various partners to explore and create corporate social investment initiatives that will bring sustainable and scalable outcomes. We currently have various social investment and high impact projects in development.

We will work diligently on internal enterprise programs to develop and transfer knowledge to both our employees and clients. eHealthGroup will provide training, knowledge transfer, skills development and access to best practices from a global standpoint. Employees at eHealthGroup will have access to a world class employee training program, state of art training facilities and exposure to international training programs at our partner Intouch Health’s headquarters in California US.

Mr. Elliot Sack is a big proponent of economic transformation and works collaboratively with various stakeholder across and industries to find innovative ways to uplift rural healthcare, skills development and medical training

For queries for on CSI partnerships please contact info@ehealthgroup.co.za