Welcome to an innovative and premier technology & health care services provider based in South Africa. eHealthGroup offers programmatic services to enable 24/7 physician specialist call panels, and implementations of our turnkey Intouch Health telehealth solutions.



eHealthGroup's goal is to improve delivery of quality care for patients throughout Africa.

World Wide

Global server infrastructure which guarantees an internet connectivity uptime of 99.2%


eHealth Group is focused on enabling healthcare providers to deliver care when and where it is needed. Our telehealth network and services can expand access and delivery of high-quality clinical care to any patient, at any time, while reducing overall costs of care.

Mr. Elliot Sack, and his team will be able to provide you with a scalable telehealth program


Our software can be delivered on a consumer PC or iPad® to connect with patients in any non-acute setting, including the home. It is also integrated into our best-in-class, FDA-cleared devices to support active patient monitoring when needed to take immediate clinical action.


eHealthGroup is the exclusive distributor for InTouch Health in South Africa. InTouch Health is a leading Telehealth solutions provider that has developed a cloud based global server infrastructure which guarantees an internet connectivity uptime of 99.2% combined with the world’s only FDA cleared Class II(a) robotic Telehealth solutions.

Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

  • Guaranteed Internet uptime of 99.2%

  • 800,000+ consults on platform.

  • HIPPA, HPCSA & POPI Compliant.

  • Multi-presence function.

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The InTouch Telehealth Network’s cloud-based infrastructure and technologies enable the highest levels of connectivity and network performance. Our scalable cloud solutions provide seamless firewall traversal as well as advanced levels of security and encryption. Our connection optimization technology manages highly variable network conditions. Through our proactive monitoring and alerts and routine maintenance and updates, we maintain a constant state of readiness.

Reliable, high-quality connections are what our customers appreciate most. The InTouch Telehealth Network includes 24/7 proactive monitoring and troubleshooting, and a suite of end-to-end diagnostics functions to ensure that the technology supports your clinical care goals. We provide a single point of contact for troubleshooting and problem resolution through our Technical Assistance Centre. If your InTouch Solution includes the use of Patient Access Devices, InTouch Health provides preventive fleet maintenance and repair/replacement programs to minimize disruptions in services.

Telehealth services are an extension of your clinical care delivery and must securely manage patient information and meet all HIPAA requirements. Additional FDA requirements exist when a Telehealth solution is used for active patient monitoring to take immediate clinical action. InTouch Health has received Class II clearance from the FDA for selected best-in-class Patient Access Devices and System for these purposes. InTouch Health also offers Class I patient access software that can be downloaded on a consumer PC or tablet to connect with patients in non-acute settings, including the home.